The Artful Communicator

Crystina is an extraordinarily passionate and creative peacemaker. She is well versed in a wide variety of traditional methods of conflict analysis and resolution. However, her real strength lies in her ability to bring non-traditional, artistic, and innovative peace building strategies to complex conflicts. She is also extremely gifted at bringing these methods to life and communicating them to a wide variety of audiences.

Dr. Toran Hansen, Assistant Professor ​Center for Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution​, Salisbury University​, MD.​

I was recommended to Crystina in the Summer of 2012, to help progress my acting career. I felt welcome and ready to work in her studio from the moment I stepped inside. During that time I felt like my work and the person I was grew astronomically. Crystina is a shining light and I am blessed to have met her. I am now currently in California following my dream, using all the skills she empowered me with.

Ray Tezanos Actor & Teaching Assistant at Lesly Kahn and Co.  in Los Angeles

Crystina, we as change makers believe in what we do, believe in the good that exists in human beings, we just wish that there is more people who have the same passion. The world would be such a great place to share

H.J., Trainer in Lebanon

Crystina, it was a great and useful training. We learned some new ways to face the challenges and the conflicts by understanding ourselves and understanding the conflict that we face. Also this training leads me to think twice before I face any conflict with someone or in any hard situation.

M.E., Trainer in Lebanon

Crystina is one of the best personalities I ever met. She has a heart of gold, human and honest. She is easy to listen to, she has a gentle way to discuss any issue and lets anyone interested talk to her. I think she is the best choice to lead in any position. God bless her!

Sawsan Farhat, Clinical Psychologist, Jordan

I had the privilege to be coached by Crystina for my work as "Novia" in Blood Wedding. After opening weekend passed I had the opportunity to watch one of the taped performances. I found several aspects of my work that needed to improve. In just one session Crystina was able to guide me in order to polish my performance making it stronger and more impactful. Crystina gave me the tools I needed to improve my work in the most organic manner, reminding me to make it my own. Her guidance was the key I needed to take my performance to a higher level.

Isa Baci – Actress, Writer in Miami, FL

Thank you for your time spent in helping me to grow as an actress. With your guidance, I was able to explore the depth, the thoughts and the humanity of my characters. I realize that acting is only using yourself to explore human nature. Your serene and warm approach always welcomes creativity, discovery and truthful self-expression. That is what every actor strives for with each performance.

Katia Gomez - Actor, Producer, Executive Director for The Friendly Learning Theater Chicago, IL

Your TAC workshop/classes have already helped my confidence and creativity level.  I now recognize that the nervousness I get before performing can be used to enhance my performance.  I learned not to be afraid of it but to welcome and even relish it.  I cannot wait to start up again with you.

Dawn A.Plummer - Actor in Miami, FL

The experience during the workshops was awesome. The best part for me was when we had the opportunity to express and explain some misunderstandings about our job as therapists. I feel that these workshops permitted us to clarify it. Everything that was learned and practiced during the workshop can be taken and applied in my personal life out of the agency. You were a great coach, neutral, gave enough time for people to process and address the issues, helping people to express feelings and saying things in an appropriate and timely way, demonstrating enough expertise to guide and encouraging people to participate. I want to say thank you so much for your time, guidance, and therapeutic stance during the time you shared with us. I would like to continue having your support and expert opinion in our office matters.

Maria M. Eslait  - Licensed Mental Health Counselor for MUJER, Inc.

Ms. Wyler is a wonderful and thought-provoking individual, a true professional in all senses. She facilitated discussion among our group and allowed us to share our thoughts and feelings. She created great synergy among the group, always respectful of our time and without compromising our goals. Her high and positive energy is contagious and she took the time to learn about our organizational needs and the current issues affecting our group, creating great workshops that addressed our need to manage conflict. Our employees were totally thrilled to participate in the training workshops and it was amazing to see the transformation!. Her community training workshops were successful since her knowledge about Latino culture was a tremendous help in addressing some of the long held taboos regarding violence and the internal conflict that it creates. Today, we still practice the techniques learned from Crystina!

Susan J. Rubio Rivera  - Executive Director of MUJER, Inc.

We have been fortunate to work with some wonderful professionals on a variety of communication and conflict issues. Here are some of their comments: