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The Artful Communicator specializes in helping companies manage internal communication challenges, particularly those around:

  • Significant organizational change, such as mergers, acquisitions and downsizing.
  • Team building and leadership development, often as a result of restructuring, project growth or staff turnover.
  • International offices, bringing together diverse cultures into a single corporate vision and voice.
  • Startup environments, as organizations seek to develop a social identity.

Each of these, if not handled effectively, can lead to loss of productivity, employee dissatisfaction and a high turnover rate, costing the organization time and resources at the most critical times. Utilizing our own TAC (Thoughtful Active Creative) Method, we offer a variety of short and long-term services that organizations can leverage:

  • Strategic Consulting: Proactively establish a resilient culture that embraces open communication as a means of healthy growth and change. We start with a comprehensive evaluation of the organization to identify communication challenges at all levels, and then work with executive teams and human resources departments to develop, build and execute measurable programs that address the targeted issues.

  • Employee Communications: From videos and podcasts to newsletters and emails, TAC can design, write and implement targeted employee communications that help engage, inform and inspire your teams.

  • Team Workshops: Skilled coaches work with your virtual and onsite teams to explore communication and conflict management issues, developing innovative methods to help the group overcome barriers to effective collaboration. Participants are fully engaged through a variety of creative exercises, discussions and role-play.

  • Organizational Seminars: The Artful Communicator has one hour to full-day seminars that provide staff and leadership with effective guidance and techniques around improving communication. Topics include creative conflict management, dealing with difficult people, emotional intelligence and others.

  • Executive and Management Coaching: Work one-on-one to develop effective ways to express yourself in a variety of settings. Clients have engaged us for assistance with leadership development, management communication techniques, conference presentation coaching, working on-camera, handling media relations and interviews, etc.