International Seminar Series: TAC designed and delivered a series of creative communication seminars for clients in the U.S. and MENA regions titled "Master the Words, Influence the Narrative".

Intercultural Dialogues: Developed and implemented "Intercultural Dialogues", videoconferencing LAU [Lebanese American University] students with peers at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida. Designed to deconstruct cultural stereotypes and foster international understanding through face-to-face human contact. Accomplished in conjunction with the Department of Social Sciences at LAU Byblos. Led to ongoing exchanges through social media and working groups.

2014 League of Minnesota Cities Experienced Officials Leadership Conference: Partnered with Neil Katz and Associates to develop and present a two-day workshop “Dealing with Difficult People: Managing Conflict and Differences”



MUJER: Consultancy and training program focused on the development of workshops for MUJER, a South Florida agency serving the Hispanic farmworker community. Bilingual staff workshops were established to address the unique needs of first responders, providing them with tools to help them manage conflict in both the agency and community settings.  Spanish-language 'train-the-trainer' workshops were also designed to train community leaders in helping families to seek positive means of conflict resolution without violence.

CBI’s International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma (Amman, Jordan): Workshop on strategic arts-based conflict transformation methods for mental health practitioners and social workers working with the Syrian refugee population in Jordan.

The Artful Communicator is actively involved around the world in a variety of projects with clients from all walks of life. Those identified below are a sample of engagements. For a more complete list, please contact us.

Fortune 500 Client: TAC was brought in to support targeted employee engagement programs during the run up to a $25B merger, providing just-in-time strategic messaging and writing services as needed to augment in-house teams.

Top Five Management Consulting Firm: TAC worked with a $500M business unit to craft marketing and go-to-market plans for a new portfolio of products and services targeting the defense, civil and commercial sectors.

Global FinTech Startup: Design and implementation of global employee and marketing communications, launching a financial technology company with offices in 14 countries and a client roster representing major financial institutions worldwide.


NSU’s 2013 Residential Institute: Developed keynote event "Restorative Justice through Art". TAC drew together top artistic and intellectual experts from Washington D.C., NYC and South Florida for a staged reading of the award-winning play 'Land of Fire' focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, followed by a panel discussion comprised of the author along with Palestinian and Israeli participants.

Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference(Cincinnati, OH):  Presentation on “Incorporating the Arts in Conflict Resolution Practice: A Review of Current Practices”.

Creative Communication Training (Lebanon): Collaborated with Tanya Awad Ghorra on non-violent, empathic communication and conflict management training in Lebanon for international peace activists, volunteers and trainers working in areas of active armed conflict.


International Studies Association: Ms. Wyler addressed the ISA Conference in Baltimore with a presentation on Violent Extremism: Transforming its Narrative through Creative Arts-based Approaches

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation: Ms. Wyler was asked to present at WHINSEC on Transforming Gender Roles: The Female Role in Conflict Analysis, Mitigation, and Resolution within Displaced Communities. In collaboration with civilian and military colleagues, she addressed a diverse group from across the Americas in Spanish and English, sharing her experience working with  refugee communities in the MENA region.

‘Teaching Tolerance through Art’ Workshop (Ft. Lauderdale, FL): Workshop for teens as part of  for the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art 2014 Family Day Event, offered in conjunction with an exhibit by photographer Bob Adelman’s “The Movement” on civil rights era photography.

The Artful Communicator


Fortune 500 Client: Design and implementation of employee communications with a focus on developing messaging and methods to support change management, team collaboration and leadership communications with staff during a complex and lengthy re-organization process. TAC also delivered work on tools and tactics supporting personnel development, communication of security and ethical practices.


“Tavistock Training - Overt and Covert Conflict Management in Groups”: Partnered with Neil Katz and Associates for a three-day workshop at Nova Southeastern University