The Artful Communicator

Understanding conflict, and the choices we have in managing it within our lives, is how we transform destructive conflict into positive growth and healthy change, allowing us to discover our true potential. "We must envision our work as a creative act, an artistic endeavor...​the capacity to imagine something rooted in the challenges of the real world yet capable of giving birth to that which does not yet exist." (J.P. Lederach). The Artful Communicator provides individuals and organizations with the tools to address communication issues that may lead to negative conflict. While programs are specifically designed for each client, the overall approach is based on the TAC Method - Thoughtful. Active. Creative communication.                  

Thoughtful: To be an artful communicator you must first identify that which is holding you back.

Active: Not enough to recognize that which is limiting us, we must plan to transform it. Often the smallest steps forward result in significant and immediate results for both you and those around you!

Creative: After planning for change we still may fail to learn the language of change. This is the ability to communicate our message clearly and openly, not only with the words we choose, but also the language we speak with our eyes, our body, and our tone. 

Dr. John Paul Lederach, leading expert on peacebuilding and reconciliation, Professor of International Peacebuilding at the Joan B.Kroc Institute and Distinguished Scholar at Eastern Mennonite University's Conflict Transformation Program, describes conflict transformation as “engaging in constructive change initiatives that include and go beyond the resolution of particular problems. Conflict is normal in human relationships and conflict is a motor of change. And transformation is clear in vision because it brings into focus the horizon toward which we journey.”

Good communication is not automatic. It is an art we must acquire, practice, polish and develop. It's about talking, watching and listening. Once you have learned to master these three moments - thoughtful, active, creative - you will have the foundation to communicate with clarity and confidence in any personal and professional situation. You can become the ‘Artful Communicator’ you wish to be!

The more we discuss our differences we discover our similarities. No matter the language, thoughtful, active, creative communication is key to greater understanding.