Communication is an Art

To succeed, be willing to develop, practice and polish your skills


TAC has developed projects for organizations around the world, from youth engagement workshops to training peace workers in active conflict zones.


The more we discuss our differences we discover our similarities. No matter the language, thoughtful, creative communication is key to greater understanding.

The Artful Communicator

The Artful Communicator offers individual coaching and organizational training in cross-cultural communication and conflict transformation. Through the process of Thoughtful Active Creative communication (TAC), you will discover how to lead, to listen, to guide and to influence.


Believe in your ability to change the world around you, because there is an artful communicator in all of us waiting to be discovered!



Conflict Transformation Through Creative Communication


We are fortunate to be associated with innovative and caring people to help further our goals of conflict transformation through creative communication.


We offer a variety of services to individuals and organizations who seek to develop effective communication, change, and conflict management skills.